Digital Pattern FAQs & Policies

Are you looking for a physical/paper copy of one of our patterns? (That's our favorite format, too!) We sell paper copies via wholesale and distributors and do not sell paper copies of patterns direct to consumers. Please visit our Where to Buy section to location a fabric store nearest you that carries our patterns. We always recommend calling the store to inquire about a specific pattern as we do not keep an inventory of which stores carry each title. 

PDF Pattern Policies

The purchase of a digital pattern includes the opportunity to download/save the PDF file to your computer. You will immediately be given a link to a URL to download the pattern. This link is provided in the e-mail receipt sent to the e-mail address you provided during check out.

Your link will expire after five download attempts.

Once downloaded, it is your responsibility to save the file to a location on your computer. Empty Bobbin Sewing Studio is not responsible for lost or accidentaly deleted files once they have been downloaded. We strongly advise the use of a backup system of some kind. We use both Carbonite and Backblaze on our computers and recommend these systems as they are easy to use and require very little effort for the piece of mind they provide. 

There are no returns on PDF patterns. 

PDF Pattern Frequently Asked Questions 

I just bought a pattern. How do I download it to my computer?

From either the e-mailed receipt, click the link to the unique URL. Download and open the file and immediately save it to your computer. We recommend a simple file folder on your computer labeled "PDF patterns" to make the pattern easy to find. Pay close attention to where you save the file! 

I lost my digital copy of a pattern. Can you e-mail me another one?

Please refer to our PDF Pattern Policies outlined above. Much like lost paper patterns, we do not replace lost digital patterns. 

The pattern I purchased has printable template sheets. How do I print them at the right size?

Each pattern that requires a template includes that template in the PDF at full size. It is imperative that you print these pages at 100%. Each printer is different, but you'll want to be sure that the print options do not scale the template at all. Each template includes a 1" test square so you can be sure the page printed accurately. For templates printed on a one inch grid, simply trim around the large grid and tape the pages together, matching letters where indicated. \

I am in the European Union. Why won't the site let me buy a pattern?

Due to VAT (value added tax) laws in the EU, I do not sell digital goods to buyers in the EU. I sincerely apologize for this and encourage you to shop any of the stores (in the US and abroad) selling printed versions of my patterns. Please let me know if I can be of assistance in locating a specific pattern for you.